Fukusei Electronics EMS business features

All-In Fukusei EMS solutions

From pattern design to PWB manufacturing, component assembly and quality inspection, Fukusei group covers all processes. It is not only quick delivery, but also quality improvement is possible by rapid information transmission.

An abundance experience of equipment development besides PWB manufacturing.

PWB manufacturing equipment, system equipment and video equipment are in-house development, which makes Fukusei EMS possible a total solution proposal for ideal production.

Flexible contract system that was tailored to customer need

One-stop contract from PWB design, or from PWB manufacturing, or only EMS contract is possible. Being tailored to customer need, and contract range is flexibly selected.

Surface Mount Technology

State-of-the-art equipment for SMT.

  • Solder cream printer
    Fine-pitch printing by house made high-precision metal stencil.
  • Mounter
    Minimum Chip(0402 inch)
  • In-Line complete quality assurance for Key processes(solder print, SMT, soldering)
  • Reflow equipment
  • Cleaning equipment
    Flux cleansing(direct path methods), ultrasonic aquatic cleansing
  • ACF connection,ACP connection.

Integrated Surface Mount facilities and production system.

  • Packaging lines basic equipment configuration and operation system is unified.

Plenty of SMT and product assembly experience.

  • Widely covered assembly technology from discrete device assembly to module assembly.

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phone direct : 0909596937